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Jiaxing Da Li Precision Fastener Co., Ltd.


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Jiaxing Da li fastener co., Ltd is a professional production of various kinds of standard and non-standard screw robot screw screws, automation equipment, auto parts, high strength hex bolt and the flange bolt manufacturing enterprise, the company has more than more than tapping a cold-flow production line, in addition to the company products are mainly sold to domestic well-known enterprises fasteners, also exported to the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions. The golden point of the company's triangular economic zone is the yao zhuang-ding industrial park in jiashan county, and superior traffic conditions make the company's products quickly shipped to different places and exported overseas. The company insists on adhering to "the prestige, the common development; Figure win-win, Shared success "business purpose, committed to the enterprise system innovation, the progress of technology upgrade, management, and try to achieve with the sincere cooperation between partners, supporting mutually together, create brilliance.